Why it never hurts to try (VIDEO)

“It takes a coach…everyone needs a coach.”

~Paul Allen, Gallup Strengths Evangelist

When I decided that I was going to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I shifted my mind into overdrive!

The first thing I had to do, was to secure the necessary funds to gain access to the week-long certification class. While sitting in my office desk chair feeling deflated and not-so optimistic about the task I was about to wrestle with, I thought about some “out-of-the-box” methods of garnering money.

I didn’t have the cash on hand to simply call Gallup and say, “Sign me up!” but I did have an idea and the drive to see it through!


noun \ˈkrau̇d-ˌfən-diŋ\

:  the practice of soliciting financial contributions from a large number of people especially from the online community

Crowd-funding was not new to me. I had heard of many success stories all over the place of inspired visionaries receiving funds. Talented start-ups ranging from musicians recording their first album, to inventors looking to become the next Steve Jobs.

I launched my plea on It consisted of a personal profile, a written explanation of my funding request and a short video featuring yours truly. In the video I briefly described my Strengths journey and what about StrengthsFinder made me want to become a coach. I was neatly dressed, slightly nervous, but feeling optimistic that this shot in the dark plan of mine may actually work.

I shared the link with everyone I knew! Facebook, Twitter, websites, family and friends. Everyone received a little blue link in their inbox!

And now back to why Paul’s video provides me with inspiration. Paul was the very first person to contribute to my campaign. Not only did he contribute, but he forwarded the link all over the Gallup community! Now, I know next you’ll want me to tell you that the money was rolling in at an almost unstoppable flow…but that wasn’t the case. Paul’s contribution was accompanied by only one other. A very nice woman who works in my office was also kind enough to contribute. Thanks Jenelle!

 “But you’re a coach Andy! The money must have come from somewhere!!!?”

And it did. I was contacted by a separate man who also believed that my goal was indeed one to pursue. He had seen my video posted on Facebook and emailed me a day or so later. He sent the necessary tuition costs to me in the form of a check, and that was that.

Crazy…but simple.

I called Gallup the day after I deposited the check, and enrolled in the first available class.

Paul’s initial contribution came at a time when I was very close to throwing in the towel and giving up. There’s a reason that Mr. Allen was recruited by Gallup to act as the lead Strengths Evangelist. He has the willingness to roll the dice when he sees an opportunity. He’s dedicated to the shared mission, and understands that Gallup is not simply trying to earn money off of the sale of 1 Billion assessment codes. It’s about making a massive and transformational impact on the world. It’s about helping our world leaders in government, business and faith have the power to make smart Strengths-based decisions.

Thanks to Paul’s belief that a 32 year-old small town Midwest marketing consultant had the chops to make it as a Strengths Coach, I can now take action to support Gallup’s shared mission.

Life is too short to turn a blind eye on something as extraordinary as StrengthsFinder!

I hope you find this post to be motivational. The world is a giant place. But thanks to the power of technology,connecting with those who are willing to support your dream is merely a click away.


 P.S. For more information on my coaching services, please email me at [email protected] or call 815-441-2219


 Click HERE to secure your StrengthsFinder assessment access code for $9.99



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