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I just read the book Soar With Your Strengths authored by Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson. It’s copyrighted 1992, and I don’t know if it’s still in print production, but I highly recommend it.

A very well written introduction to the concepts and theories of Strengths-based development and positive psychology. You can find some used copies on Amazon for dirt cheap!

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“There is one sure way to identify your greatest potential for strength: Step back and watch yourself for a while. Try an activity and see how quickly you pick it up, how quickly you skip steps in the learning and add twists and kinks you haven’t been taught yet. See whether you become absorbed in the activity to such an extent that you lose track of time. If none of these has happened after a couple of months, try another activity and watch-and another. Over time your dominant talents will reveal themselves, and you can start to refine them into a powerful strength.” ~Donald O. Clifton



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