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thank%20youThank you for choosing to be a guest on our show!

Our goal is to facilitate a conversation that exposes the masses to the power of Strengths-based development.

This is an awesome opportunity for everyone involved! We always learn something new from every guest, and hope that this experience generates some attention to your business, cause, website, blog, or non-profit. Let us know if we can include any helpful links in our final show notes.

Below are some helpful tips to maintain the quality of our broadcast.

1. This broadcast is recorded using audio only. Make sure you are in a quiet area (avoid background noise).

2. Use headphones to prevent your mic from picking up the external audio of our voices through your speakers.

3. Try to use an external microphone, and not the internal mic on your Mac, PC, laptop, or iPad. Using the Apple ear buds with an iPad or iPhone is OK. If you are looking to purchase an external USB mic for the show, we recommend the AudioTechnica ATR2100 available on Amazon for under $60 USD.

4. Add us to your Skype contact lists. Our Skype username is UnleashStrengths. Ensure your setting our configured properly on Skype. You can do this by either selecting Tools or Options on the top of your Skype window. Check to see if the microphone you are planning to use, as well as the correct audio device, is selected.

5. Plan to start the call 10 minutes prior to your scheduled show start time. This will allow us an opportunity to trouble shoot any technical issues. *We will call you via Skype. No need to call us.

6. This broadcast is not live, and if needed, we can pause to make adjustments. But, once we begin the recording, we like to avoid stopping the conversation if at all possible. Please ask any questions ahead of time.

7. Speak clearly, and be sure to explain any terms used that are unique to your culture or country.

8. Please provide us, via email or Dropbox link, an picture of you that we can use as the header image. It does not have to be a professional headshot, but we do ask that YOU think you look great in the picture!

9. Have your TOP 5 written down somewhere. Often we find that when guests are put on the spot, they become forgetful.

10. HAVE FUN! This show is designed to educate our listeners, but also to reveal the entertaining side of Strengths. Enjoyment is a mandatory ingredient in the recipe for long-term development!

If you have any questions, please email Andy at or Grace at

I’m looking forward to our interview.


P.S. In order to help us grow and gain more exposure for your interview, we ask that you share the crap out of it. Social media, embed it on your website, and email it to your followers! We’ll take care of the rest 🙂 If you need help sharing the link, let us know and I’ll walk you through the process. ~Andy

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