T4C Ep002 | How to Create Videos

How to Market Your Coaching Business Using Video | T4C002

In this episode, Jim and Andy discuss the amazing power of video! Video remains the #1 most highly shared form of content online. YouTube is a product of Google, and if you want to get found online these days, you have to start playing in their sandbox.

We’ll talk about…

– Tools used to create videos
– How to upload your video to
– How to share your video online

– Equipment suggestions & Jim’s custom caveats!

Video creation can be as complicated or as easy as you make it. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in new equipment to start marketing yourself online with video. We’ll give you some solid resources and tools you can use to launch your first video online in a matter of minutes.

According to

  • 100 Million– that’s the number of Internet users who watch online video each day
  • 16 minutes and 49 seconds — that’s how much time the average user spends watching online video ads every month

Now that we know why video is such a popular and effective marketing tool, how do we create one?

Here are some helpful sites you can access to jump-start your video creation! <- As mentioned in the show

Here are some links to the equipment we recommend. (Not affiliate links) 

To purchase using our UnleashStrengths affiliate link and help support the show, please click here.

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We look forward to answering all of your tech related questions! ~Andy Sokolovich

Tech 4 Coaches Episode 002 presented by recorded on November 11th 2014.

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