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lisa-cummings-headshot-regular-hires copyLisa Cummings is the CEO of Lead Through Strengths, where she helps teams improve productivity by noticing what’s already working. She has delivered training and speeches to over 9,000 participants in 14 countries. You can see her featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes.

When she’s not out spotting strengths with corporate teams, you can find her:
– taking drum lessons
– welding up funky pieces for the landscape
– chainsawing in the woods
– jumping from exploding vans (CLICK HERE to watch the video!)

Here’s some helpful links, quotes, and tidbits from the show!
Oklahoma “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” with Hugh Jackman on Broadway
It’s A Beautiful Day by U2
It’s a Beautiful Morning by Young Rascals
I’ve Been Working On the Railroad with Johnny Cash
The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer by Johnny Cash
Breakin’ the Law by Judas Priest
First, Break All the Rules (book) by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman 
Now, Discover Your Strengths (book) by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton 
THEME-ADDICTS Ep. 23 with Nathan Sondgeroth
Assessment skeptics can feel more confident with data; your top five talents are 1 in 33 million
“You smile from the inside”
“Success follows your talents”
Individualization — “How can I take this message and get it to hit home for every person? What do I need to say to make the person in the corner light up?”
“Nothing says Maximizer like jumping out of a burning car!”
Lisa’s favorite strength: Individualization

Lisa’s contact info:
[email protected]
Lead Through Strengths (Podcast)
Twitter – @LisaCummings
LinkedIn –

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