I Just Took the Assessment…Now What? | Step 2 Revealed TA041

“I just took the assessment. Now, what’s my next step? Where do I go from here?”

two-706896_640 copyGrace and I have taken a week off from the show to tighten up a few loose ends on individual projects we’ve been working on. Grace is knocking out her 30 Day Minimalist Challenge, and I have been coaching Strengths all over the state of Iowa! To prevent any major gaps in our broadcast schedule, I mashed together this THEME-ADDICTS compilation.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment is a great tool. There’s no doubt that it has helped millions of people unearth their true potential. But what happens to those who have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, receive their results and then simply toss the report aside due to a lack of guidance or direction?

Step 1 has to be followed by a step 2! So…what is step 2?

Over the last 40 Strengths-focused interviews conducted on THEME-ADDICTS, we’ve been able to distill down some solid responses to that exact question. Strengths coaches and enthusiasts alike have revealed their preferred action steps to initiate the claiming and aiming tasks associated with Strengths-based development.

The best part…they’re easy to implement! There’s no secret sauce or complicated pathway to success. All the next step requires is a willingness to begin. Like any journey in life, there needs to be a starting line.

The assessment is NOT the starting line. The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment acts as a compass pointing you towards your mark. Steps 2 is the point where you dig your toes in the dirt, and wait for the gun to fire. This is where your heart starts thumping and the journey begins. This is your spark, catalyst and source of motivation.

This is your chance to UNLEASH STRENGTHS!

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Here are some links to the featured guests you’ll hear in this episode. They are in order based on “appearance.”

Rhonda Boyle – TA001pointleftRyan Wells – TA002
Melissa Garner – TA003
Grace LaConte – TA004
Carol Anne McGuire – TA005
Emily Petroff – TA006
Keith Baldwin – TA008
Florence Hardy – TA009
Lindsay Han – TA011
Jim Collison – TA014
Janet du Preez – TA016
Joni Lynn Nelson – TA017
Derrick Jack – TA021
Nathan Sondgeroth – TA023
Alex Wong – TA027
Vicki Haverson – TA033
Deborah Thompson – TA035
Ryan Houmand – TA036
Laura Cumming – TA037

I hope you enjoy this episode! We’ll be back with our scheduled interviews next week. In the meantime, if you know of someone who has recently taken the assessment and is looking for a that next step, you might want to send this show link their direction.

It could be the difference between a life maintaining balance, or a life full of talents.

Sit back, relax, enjoy, and as always…STAY ADDICTED! If you listen to this show on iTunes, be sure to leave us some positive feedback.

I’ll talk to you soon. See ya! ~Andy Sokolovich

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