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profile-picLaura writes: I originally trained as a management accountant and have worked in large Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years in various senior positions. Over time it became clear to me that I was much more interested in people and supporting them to grow personally and develop their business, than I was in the specific numbers and data analysis I was responsible for.

I first took strengths finder 18 months ago when undergoing coaching around my own career. When my Top 5 strengths were revealed, I instantly knew they were describing me. It was quite surreal how detailed and accurate the report was! However, it took me a while to view them as strengths and acknowledge that they were valuable assets. The realization was that I’d been operating outside of my natural strengths zone for so long, trying to be something else, that I’d lost touch with them.

Episode 37 Quotes:
* StrengthsFinder helps to realize where you want to go, and orient yourself in that direction.
* Not knowing strengths “would be like getting my arms and legs cut off”
* “Learning is an evolving journey”
* Laura’s strengths combo made it difficult to explain how she went from problem to result; people couldn’t understand the internal process until she explained her talents (#Learner, #Intellection, #Ideation)
* Creativity is possible even if you aren’t an artist
* Teal Consulting’s 5-step program: Clarity, Vision, Team Relationships, Wider Team, Top Priorities & Plan of Action
* Challenges that come with a top performer moving into a management role
* The color Teal is tied to clarity, calmness, found in nature, also the name of a duck
* Horses! Dressage, jumping, riding cross-country, in the surf

Links/Social Media:
* Laura’s company, Teal Associates —
* LinkedIn
* Twitter
* Awesome Teacher Nation
* The color teal
* Teal duck

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