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WOW! Jim Collison shared a ton of resources with us. This post is going to be jam-packed full of links, tips, and opportunities for you to build on your talents using the tools made available through GALLUP.

“The power of Strengths is in the continued renewal process; talking about it, working with it, and building groups around it.”

~Jim Collison

I’ll try to break this down using the links Jim mentioned during the live recording. Jim also shares with us his personal contact email at GALLUP in-case you have any questions ([email protected])

We’ll start with social media and work our way down. I hope I don’t miss anything!



Jim will auto-tweet your latest Strengths-based blog post! Just send him your RSS feed link, and he’ll include it into his retweet feed. Listen to this episode for more information.


Just search “StrengthsFinder.” There are a ton of cool images you can use in your training. Here’s the awesome stuff I found when I searched Pinterst!


The “help” link contains some really cool info on frequently asked questions (FAQs). I know I ‘m asked these questions on a weekly basis. It’s always nice to have GALLUP’s answer close at hand when responding to a client. You can also find all of your reports here including the EP10.

How do neutral responses to the Clifton StrengthsFinder affect my results?
Can I retake the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment? Can taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder more than once affect my results?
Does the mood I was in affect my results?

Android Devices
iOS Devices

The app is a great resource! I have a hard time remembering my supporting/lesser talents. This allows me the option to access my Full 34 in seconds! It’s become a “must have” tool when recording this podcast. At least for me 🙂

Jim also suggests that you take a screen shot of your Top 5 and use it as your phone background or lock screen image. Did you know that the average person unlocks their phone 63 times a day. I bet you will have your Top 5 memorized in no time!


Theme videos, Theme Thursdays, Called to Coach, and Strengths Spotlights can all be found on this page. GALLUP also offers condensed versions of their webcasts in-case you don’t have time to watch the entire episode.

I also offer short videos that highlight all 34 Themes. Each video is less than a minute long, and provides the viewer with a description of each theme.

Visit to watch our latest videos!


Hear what other coaches have to say! Also, read the last post authored by the late Curt Liesveld. His writing style always resonates with me, but this one hit the nail on the head. Well done, my friend!

You can also watch Gallup’s webcasts, checkout the latest Meetup events, and SUBSCRIBE so you never miss another update! Visit GALLUP’s Eventbrite page and register so you receive a reminder of upcoming broadcasts.

I like to take advantage of the chatroom. This give me the chance to engage with other Strengths enthusiasts while actively learning from other coaches.


The term “meet up” refers to the actual group gathering. There’s a number of resources you can use to kick-start your first meeting. Just be sure to let Jim know so he can add it to the GALLUP Meetup page. Email Jim about your Meetup!

Here’s the link to our Des Moines, Iowa Meetup.


I have met a bunch of people by simply reaching out to them via this directory. It’s a full list of all the current GALLUP certified Strengths coaches. I also use this directory to keep in touch with those I went to training with!


Here you can find the coaching kits. These kits provide you with a turn-key tool used to facilitate your first coaching class, Meet Up, or team off-site retreat. You can also find a ton of other resources you can incorporate into your Strengths learning experience!


All the GALLUP webcasts are now available as a podcast! I subscribe to the podcast available on iTunes. Perfect for those of us that are on the go!

If you ever want to start your own Strengths-based podcast, be sure to let either Jim or Andy know and we’ll help you get started. It’s not that hard once you record your first episode. Plus, it’s super fun!

OK. I hope I captured everything. If I missed something, just let me know and I’ll add it to this post.

Sit back, relax, enjoy, and as always…STAY ADDICTED! If you listen to this show on iTunes, be sure to leave us some positive feedback. Follow this link to transport yourself directly to the iTunes review page for THEME-ADDICTS.

Thanks for everything! ~Andy


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*Click on each Talent Theme listed below to view a short video description*





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    Thanks for having me on the podcast Andy and Grace! It was awesome!

  2. July 23, 2015 at 1:30 PM

    We really enjoyed learning about all these Gallup StrengthsFinder resources, Jim. Thanks so much for joining us for the BIG 30th Episode!

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