Stephanie Ruminer | Personal Power TA010

Stephanie Ruminer joins Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Andy Sokolovich, for episode 010 of THEME-ADDICTS.

This is why I love creating this podcast! Stephanie is a genuine lover of Strengths-based development, and uses her talents to foster growth in both her personal and professional life. She was kind enough to reveal how understanding her talents, and the talents of others, helped her to foster a stronger relationship with her sister.

Listen in to hear more about Stephanie’s Top 5, how she embraces them, and how she continues to write new chapters in her very own Strengths Story!



THEME-ADDICTS is a series created by UnleashStrengths to highlight the massive impact the StrengthsFinder assessment and the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 has had on now over 11 Million users!

It’s our belief that the best way to promote its effectiveness and proven results is to interview those who’ve experienced the power of strengths-based development first hand. Each person being interviewed is intimately aware of their strengths, and wants nothing more than to share their story.

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