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Red-Arrows-down“Everyone needs a coach.” ~ Bill Gates

Total Team Performance & Engagement Training (T2-PET)

Total Team Performance & Engagement Training (T²-PET) is a tiered team development system designed to establish effective communication, enhanced productivity, and a heightened level of employee engagement within the workplace.

This course consists of five (5) training modules over a three (3) month total team development period.

Step 1: Engage department managers in a conversation focused on revealing his or her unique talents as a leader. Before a manager can identify specific talents within their team, they must first recognize their own Strengths and areas of lesser talent. Each manager will be provided an assessment code granting them access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment accompanied their Full 34 report. They will then be instructed how to identify each talent with in themselves, accept their areas of lesser talent, and learn to work within a team to leverage the talents of others in effort to attain a shared goal.

Step 2: The entire team will be issued a code allowing them access to the Gallup Q12 Employee™ Engagement Survey . The Q12™ Survey is based on Gallup’s 10 Million workplace interviews which allowed them to identify and assess overall employee engagement by asking 12 simple questions. These responses will be used to create a baseline to track engagement boosts throughout the T²-PET. An overview will be conducted with each manager covering the results of the initial assessment.pointleft

Step 3: The team will be asked to undergo a three-hour Strengths workshop focused on identifying, developing, and promoting their TOP 5 talents based on the results received through the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment. Following the assessment, each member will unlock their TOP 5, receive a detailed and personalized Theme-Insights Report, and participate in various exercises that are designed to reveal the necessary skills required to enhance team effectiveness.

Step 4: Managers will take part in additional instruction equipping them with tools (Team Strengths Grid, Theme-Insight Cards, etc.) which they will then use to promote individual talents, create team/individual recognition programs, and enhance employee engagement within the workplace. We will introduce the bucket strategy pioneered by Gallup and Tom Rath in his book, How Full Is Your Bucket. The long-term development of a team hinges on recognition. Gallup has shown time and again, that a lack of recognition acts as a catalyst to declining engagement, morale, and job satisfaction.

Step 5: Following a three (3) month enhancement and T²-PET implementation period, we will reassess total employee engagement by again issuing the Gallup Q12 Survey™. The results will be compared to those revealed in the initial survey. A detailed report will be issued during a final meeting with the management group. This meeting facilitates open discussion among those who have a direct connection with individual employees. We’ll address areas of potential weakness, and determine the best action required to solve any deficiencies in productivity and profitability.


Keynote Speaking Engagements

Andy’s Most Requested Talks

The Solution Starts with YOU

A myth exists that if we focus on our weaknesses and treat our strengths as an after-thought, all of our problems will be solved. Managers spend more time working with struggling employees, and less time fostering the growth of their most talented workers. Performance reports are generated on staff members highlighting areas of needed improvement more so than areas of greatest strength. Job descriptions limit the ability to share one’s talents in areas where it might be needed most.IMG_2622 copy

Up until recently, the verbiage did not exist that could be used to identify a person’s unique grouping of talents. The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment now acts as a compass leading you through the journey towards Strengths-based success and satisfaction.

Nothing is more rewarding than succeeding at life by simply being YOU!

Talking points:
– Define Strengths-based Development
– What do you need from others to be at your best?
– Kick-Starting Your Top 5
– Now what? How to Apply What You’ve Learned

A Strengths-Based DREAM TEAM

Learning to leverage the talents of others to create a well-rounded organization will benefit everyone involved. You now have in your possession, a tool that grants you the ability to leverage the talents of others in an effort to increase mission effectiveness, develop an engaged workforce, and inject a feeling of pride and satisfaction among everyone involved. When we acknowledge strengths in others, we are sayingcthat we value them as individuals. They are not a cog in a machine that runs on punch cards and muscle. Every person brings to the table a unique grouping or bundle of talents. Talents, which if left unused, will result in a decrease in morale, company loyalty, and retention.

Now that you have identified these areas of strength, it’s time to develop your DREAM TEAM!

Talking points:
– Introduction to the Four Domains of Strengths
– Creating a Team Strengths Grid
– Why does a TEAM need to be well-rounded?
– The importance of recognition (The Bucket Concept)

Why Great Leaders Recognize Talent Not Weakness

Great leaders target their efforts toward the development of Strengths in both themselves and their followers. They also understand the need to surround themselves with those individuals who possess talents different from their own. Progress is made when problems are solved in a manner that never stunts forward momentum. In order to ensure the path toward success is lubricated, leaders must learn to leverage the talents of others.

If you focus on your follower’s weaknesses, they will lose confidence. A team which lacks confidence is ineffective, and will fail to meet their mission objectives.

Talking points:
– Start by identifying your own Strengths
– How leading through imitation is fatal
– Learn to understand the needs of your follower’s
– Compassion vs. Coddling

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Strengths Based Development – Teams

Step 1: Your team will be provided with a code which will give everyone full access to the Gallup Strengths Center online assessment. Once the assessment is completed by both yourself and your team members, your results will automatically be shared with Andy from UnleashStrengths. At this time, Andy will begin constructing your TEAM STRENGTHS GRID. This tool acts as a visual overview of where your team lies within the four strength domains:

go-team copyStep 2: You and your team members will meet individually with Andy for a one-on-one 30 minute coaching session highlighting the StrengthsFinder assessment results. You’ll learn more about your Top 5 Signature Themes, and conduct an insightful overview of your Gallup generated action plan.

Step 3: You and your team will meet for a 3-hour Team Coaching Session to learn how to harness the power of your own strengths and the unique skills of the team. This training will reveal what individual attributes each member brings to the group, as well as what they need from the rest of the team in order to operate at their highest level of productivity. By building strengths awareness within the entire group, co-workers, mangers, supervisors and their subordinates are able to develop a powerful understanding of what it takes to succeed as a whole.

This session also includes talent unearthing exercises, Strengths testimonials, and group engagement through Strengths discussion.

Step 4: Andy will follow up with a designated representative of the group for a one hour debriefing session. This is a chance to share some feedback, and ask questions that may have been brought up following the session.


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