Public Speaking Academy of Clinton, IA [LIMITED TO 20 STUDENTS]


GlossophobiaAlso known as a fear of public speaking.

The anxiety associated with public speaking results in cold sweats, trembling knees, diarrhea, and, for some, a temporary loss of sanity.

The worst part? We miss life changing opportunities to advance our career based on a desire to avoid the spotlight. Heck! Some of us silently hope for a small car accident to happen just so we have a valid excuse to back out.

That’s messed up! We’d rather pay the deductible on our car insurance policy than face a group of listeners in a stuffy auditorium.

When you simply can’t avoid the spotlight, you’re often told things like…

“Just try not to be nervous”

“You were so tense that it made the audience uncomfortable!”

And…the classic

“Just picture everyone in their underwear.”

No matter your age or chosen career path, each of us will be given the opportunity to demonstrate our true potential in front of a real-life audience. How we handle that opportunity may be the difference in getting that promotion, securing that first date, or simply getting us out of a costly speeding ticket. The size of the audience doesn’t matter. It’s how they interpret the message that comes out of your mouth.

Having the ability to share a clear message with an audience isn’t just a skill bestowed to the chosen few at birth. It’s learned.

Every opportunity we have to share a message, is an opportunity to prove our worth in this world. Positive communication skills will lead to more money in your pocket, increased respect, and the understanding that, when asked, you have the skills necessary to communicate a message that’s easily understood.

People want to be associated with great communicators! And you want to be one. No. You deserve to be one.

My name is Andy Sokolovich, and I want to provide you with a safe place to build confidence, develop clarity within your message, and defeat the paralyzing fear of speaking in public.

As a student in the Public Speaking Academy of Clinton, IA, you’ll learn how to take maximum advantage of your stage time.

Speech rate, posture, visual aids, voice inflection, annunciation, non-verbal’s, even your chosen attire act as ingredients in the recipe for an awesome presentation.

If you want to answer questions such as

You need to attend this course.

If you’ve been told to

You need to attend this course.

And if you’re tired of feeling

You need to attend this course.


It’s true, there are no casualties in communication combat. No one erects a tombstone when someone gives a bad speech or bores the audience with a bunch of PowerPoint slide shrapnel, but something happens that’s even greater than death.


Don’t let your audience down. Let’s work together to create a message that’s clear, concise, and free of any anti-climactic clutter.

So…If you finally told yourself that it’s time to act, and not kick the can down the road toward your next performance review or big presentation, then you’ll need to do just one thing:

Register to attend the Public Speaking Academy of Clinton, IA

This five-part learning series will be held on Wednesdays from 6-8PM. Class dates are as follows, May 31st, June 7th, 14th, 21st, and the off-site graduation event will be on June 28th. We will meet inside the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce at 721 South 2nd Street.


In a second I’m going to explain how you go about registering, but first I want to provide you with a warning.

I am going to push outside of your comfort zone. It needs happen if you want to eliminate the fear, and, instead, experience the benefits of public speaking.

There was a time in my own life when I would experience severe anxiety when asked to speak in front of a crowd. I would start sweating uncontrollably and grab a hold of the lectern like it was worth its weight in gold! Crazy stuff. But over the years, I have grown to become quite comfortable on stage. Although the butterflies are still there, I now look forward to every second I have with a mic in my hand.

Here’s what you can expect when you register as a student in the Public Speaking Academy of Clinton, IA.

Classes will be held over five consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6-8PM.

During the first session, we’ll answer the question “Why is it important to sharpen your public speaking skills?”

We will submerge ourselves in the world full of public presentation rock stars as we view hand selected video footage of my favorite talks. We’ll take time to discuss what about their presentation created such a massive impact, as well as the tricks they leveraged to confiscate the audience’s attention like stolen merchandise!

Day 1 will also introduce your first public speaking assignment. We’ll jump into an exercise I like to call Who’s Talking Now?

Day 2 will kick-off with your first stage performance. Myself, and a supportive team of fellow students, will be offering constructive feedback, and a barrage of genuine support for your continued growth as a presenter!

Day 2 will also serve as your intro to the graduation celebration I have planned. That, my friends, is going to be EPIC!

Day 3 will reveal how a well thought out speech can totally bomb with bad presenter posture and poor use of visual aids. I’ll reveal some mistakes that I have made, and, what I thought sounded like a great idea in my head, back fired. Like REALLY BAD!

The end of the 3rd session will include instructions for your second assignment, and we’ll uncover the raw emotions of a memorable performance. This is when you’ll learn to unleash your inner stage seeker, and, maybe cause the audience to shed a few tears…or explode in uncontrollable laughter!

On Day 4 we’ll continue work on our graduation speech. This speech is going to be in the format of a TED stalk. This talk will be performed on night five in front of a live audience with a short graduation ceremony, and party to follow.

And Day 5 will be off-site for your public graduation!

When it’s all said and done, you’ll feel transformed! We are going to inject you with a massive dose of confidence, and will have equipped you with the tools necessary to CRUSH your next presentation.

So how much will this cost?

This five session Public Speaking Academy has tuition set at $279. That’s for…

If you’re ready to stop the fear of speaking in public from stiff-arming your personal and professional development, then I’m asking you to register for this class, and secure your seat for the next session of the Public Speaking Academy in Clinton, IA.

Again, this five-part learning series will be held on Wednesdays from 6-8PM. Class dates are as follows, May 31st, June 7th, 14th, 21st, and the off-site graduation event will be on June 28th. We will meet inside Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce at 721 South 2nd Street.

I am excited to have you join us, and I look forwarded to witnessing your transformation. ~Andy

P.S. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email me at [email protected] or fill out the form below.

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