Khalil Patwa & Chinarut Ruangchotvit | A Strengths Medley TA038

Unlike any show we’ve ever done before! Episode 038 of THEME-ADDICTS will prove to be a milestone. We brought back two past guests to join Grace and myself for an unscripted medley of Strengths discussion.

Khalil Patwa (TA024) and Chinarut Ruangchotvit (TA028) return to the mic as we highlight the balconies and basements of talent themes such as Strategic, Futuristic, Input, and Significance.

Episode 38 Show Quotes:
* It’s a Pandora’s Box when we say one thing and do another
* #Strategic sees pathways where others see mazes
* The #Futuristic sees multiple futures and must talk and not suppress what they see
* When you make a choice, it eliminates all other options. Can bring a sense of sadness and loss
* #Minimalism versus show #Hoarders
* #Evernote as a tool to get rid of 40 years of “stuff”
* Practicing the art of Zen — a place for everything
* “Our space is a direct connection with our mind”
* Journey to liberation of mental and emotional energy
* The #Significance theme means we want to be recognized, heard, and become better every day
* Leadership bio with your Top 5 strengths

Links/Social Media:
* Khalil Patwa
* Chinarut Ruangchotvit
* #30DayMinimalistChallenge
* Grace’s post on Millennials

Sit back, relax, enjoy, and as always…STAY ADDICTED! If you listen to this show on iTunes, be sure to leave us some positive feedback.

Thanks for everything! ~Andy Sokolovich

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  1. Tammy Baart

    October 1, 2015 at 11:23 PM

    Andy (& Grace),
    Just wanted to say thank you for this episode. I was the one who left the feedback for you and the balcony and basement discussion was fantastic. I found it extremely interesting to hear how each theme plays out for different people. It was by far my favourite episode. I really do hope that you’ll be doing more like this. Keep up the great work.

  2. October 21, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    […] this “Blab” thing is and how to use it (video/audio platform – thanks to guests Khalil Patwa and Chinarut Ruangchotvit for trying it out […]

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