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How to use social media to promote your business!

Social Media? What is it?

According to Wikipedia: Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks. Why should I use it for business? reports that 80% of users prefer to connect with brands via social media.

Social media site and how to use them

Is Facebook better than the rest? —> Pros/Cons

How to Setup a FB Page for Business

How often should I post/spend time on FB?

Profile/Cover photos:

How to make someone an admin of your FB page

How to promote an event on Facebook 

140 characters or less! Can you really say enough? 

  • Why is twitter good for business?
  • How often should I tweet?
  • Link shorteners (
  • How many people should I follow, and is it necessary for me to follow back every new follower I receive?
  • Advertising/Promoted tweets
  • Additional info about twitter –>What is it?

  • Great for posting images (training sessions, TOP 5 signs, group photos)
  • It’s growing in popularity
  • Video is now an option, and you can turn off the “Auto play” feature
  • “Different” gets noticed fast! Post images that are eye-catching
  • Use hashtags—> sparingly *Define hashtag and what they do
  • Advertising now available (Facebook user info is used to generate ads)

Isn’t that site just for arts and crafts? What is “pinning” anyway?

  •  Users share visual images from the web, by “pinning” them on to a series of virtual PinBoards
  • A cool video on Pinterest marketing →
  • install the “Pin it” button for your browser
  • Integrates with Facebook and Twitter
  • Watermark images.
  • ← Helpful tips
  • What type of stuff is your client pinning? Awesome marketing research tool!!!

But I’m not looking for a job?

  • It’s not Facebook, but it offers some solid features that are great for networking
  • You’re notified when someone has viewed your profile
  • Integrate your blog
  • Professional image? Yes or No?
  • What type of content I recommend posting on LinkedIN
  • Complete profile with all relevant professional experience (never stretch the truth!)
  • Update often

Helpful Engagement Boosting Tips

  1. A conversation goes both ways
  2. Ask open-ended questions
  3. Reputation management/how to handle negative comments
  4. How often is too often to post?
  5. Schedule out your posts on FB. How?

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