How to Connect with Others Online (Podcast)

How to Connect with Others Online | T4C004

Today we’re going to cover some tools we use to connect with others online!

When we’re with other people, we feel more positive emotions, which leads to greater happiness. When we’re happier, we have better relationships. This in turn leads to more positive emotions…and being on an “upward spiral” of well-being and happiness. ← I think the same applies to business!

Why is it important to understand methods of connecting online?

  • Planning/Q&A/Soft Introduction
  • It’s hard to know if they are actually listening
  • Video adds to the engagement

Equipment required for a great quality meeting online:

  • A PC or Mac that is able to handle video calls.  On both the PC or mac side I would recommend one with a modern Intel processor and at least 4GB of RAM
  • Mic (ATR2100 or AT2005) or Samson Q2U (where the AT cannot be found)
  • Webcam (Logitech C920) or C615 for the budget
  • A good set of ear buds that are comfortable.  Jim recommends Yurbuds.

Online options

Skype (pros/cons)

    • Pro
      • Been around the longest and most people have used it or know how to use it – The community is huge
      • Great sound quality – FINALLY!
      • Available globally
      • Both IM, audio and video all work together
      • Free – for the most part
    • Cons
      • No options to broadcast calls
      • Recording requires 3rd party software
      • Video interface with more than 4 people is clunky

Google + Hangouts/Hangouts on Air (pros/cons)

    • Pros
      • One you are in a hangout, super easy to use
      • You can record and broadcast calls as well as keep them private
      • FREE – as in beer free
    • Cons
      • It’s still new to people and getting in a hangout can be confusing and clunky
      • Options = Confusion.  There are lots of add ins and toys to he interface
      • Both sound and video are very compressed leaving you will less than perfect quality (studio mode)
      • Right now it uses lots of resources on your PC

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