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The thought of using the 34 talent themes found in the book StrengthsFinder 2.o and the Clifton StrengthsFinder® to create a targeted marketing message has some strengths enthusiasts grinding their teeth in disapproval.

I view this information as the most accurate and insightful sales tool in existence! Everyone makes a purchase decision based on either the feedback they receive from others, informative marketing materials, a desire to fit in, the perception of an elevated social status, a trustworthiness of the brand, or memories of positive past experiences. These motivators have already proven themselves powerful when highlighted through focused and well-crafted marketing messages.

For decades we have researched the psychology of the buying process. Now we have the chance to inject some Strengths awareness into the selling mix!

I have worked with sales teams to zero in on the on the talents of their targeted customer list. Using this book as a resource, we have kick-started the creation of effective sales messages that are clear and concise. What more could you want other than…INCREASED SALES?!

I know it will do the same for you! ~Andy, The WOO Warrior!


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