5 Steps to Kick-Starting Your TOP 5

So you just took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

Now what?

In this short eBook, I’ll focus on the five steps you can apply today to help Kick-Start your TOP 5. Taking the time to finish the assessment is like leaving the parking lot as you embark on your Strengths journey. Soon you will be presented with obstacles, questions, and a desire to learn more about your natural talents.

And that’s OK! It’s a journey, not a race.

Open yourself up to the idea that not everything worth achieving will be easy. My own Strengths journey has consisted of peaks and valleys. But I also remember that I’m working toward attaining a life full of rewards, positive relationships, and unmatched success. It’s not a “punch in, punch out” type of day. It is a relentless grind all in an effort to know what makes you…YOU.

In this eBook, I’ll discuss the methods that I used to better understand my Strengths insights, TOP 5 and full 34 report. These steps worked for me, and I hope they help you as well. We are all different, and we digest information in small doses…at least I do.

After you’re done reading it, please consider commenting below this post. Your opinion helps me sharpen my own abilities, and create content that you both want and need.

OK. Enough babbling. I hope you enjoy the eBook, and I look forward to your comments.


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