3 of 5: 5 Steps to Kick-Starting Your Top 5

This is one of the most commonly missed steps in strengths-based development.

Strengths has taught us to focus on the talents that come naturally to us. Given enough time, these talents transform into unique strengths that we can leverage in an effort to become more effective in both our personal and professional lives.

But what is often missed is the action of strengths-based collaboration.

How can your talents help me succeed? How can my talents help you reach your goals?


Your lesser talents, also referred to as your “Bottom 5,”are not weaknesses, but talents which would require a massive amount of time to develop into a true strength. Knowing that the commitment level one would have to provide these talents defeats the entire concept of strengths-based development, let’s assume that the only way for you to effectively apply these Bottom 5 to a project or task would be to harness them from someone else.

This is what I like to call Smart Strengths Collaboration.

It’s extremely important to be aware of your Top 5, but it’s also equally as critical to be aware of your lesser talents. Having the insight to recognize your short-falls is a total game changer!

Next, you have to seek out those who have what you need. By leveraging the strengths of others, you are demonstrating the ability to recognize their talents. This action serves two purposes.

First, by taking the time to acknowledge the strengths of another individual, you are boosting that person’s overall well-being. People want to be aware of others who observe their natural talents. This invokes a feeling of significance.

Second, you conserve energy when you seek out others who can help you succeed. If you are the type of person who has high Ideation, Futuristic, Communication and WOO (That’s me!)…it makes perfect sense to leverage those who possess Deliberative, Analytical or Arranger. My ideas will go absolutely nowhere without the proper planning, timing, review and structure that these talents will offer. They also act as a safety tether preventing me from jumping the gap towards a new idea too early. And trust me…

I will jump before looking!

While working with teams I’ve noticed that this concept seems simple, but consistently lacks the required follow through. I attribute this to “Strengths Selfishness.” We focus so aggressively on our own talents, that we selfishly void others of the opportunity to mine our strengths and turn them into a resource.

The quick tip I’d like to offer you in this post, is to not only view your strengths has a way to better yourself, but to spend a majority of your time concentrating on how these strengths can be of service to others.

How can you use your talents to make someone else feel happy, fulfilled, motivated, active and stronger?!

If you dedicate more time serving others, you’ll notice that your timely investment will yield massive returns.

At least that’s what my experience has revealed.


P.S. If you need some more information on the themes and their insights, follow this link to my YouTube page. I’m in the process of creating 34 short videos that cover each theme in detail. I have 24 so far 🙂 Hopefully you find what you’re looking for!

~Andy Sokolovich



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