2 of 5: 5 Steps to Kick-Starting Your Top 5

StrengthsFinder should NOT be a “best kept secret!”

If you truly want your life to change for the better, you have to share your story. The beauty of strengths is in the massive revealing of your Top 5! Your talents reveal not only what you’re great at, but what you need from others in order to be at your best.

How will they know what you need if you never tell them?


Share your report with those closest to you. Your family and friends make excellent sounding boards! Allow them a chance to express how your talents present themselves. Sometimes it’s insanely difficult to be introspective. As humans, it’s hard for us to see how special we truly are. Talents that come naturally to us are often self-perceived as less than remarkable.

We simply chalk them as something “we just do.”

Our outside influencers will be able to more accurately define our unique greatness, and help us develop a solid action plan as we strive to live a life in line with our strengths.

In addition to family and friends, be sure to share your talents with your co-workers, supervisors and bosses. Don’t be overly aggressive about it, and just toss them your report. Explain to them how this new assessment called StrengthsFinder was able to reveal insights about yourself that were freaky accurate. Tell them in detail how over the past few weeks, you’ve embraced your talents and have noticed a huge difference.

And then tell them that they too should try it out. By sharing your story, you define the tool as a key to opening the door to a brighter future rather than just another lame assessment where you’re defined as a color or monkey (P.S. I don’t know what assessment the monkey came from, but a woman told me I was a monkey based on the description she read in a book somewhere…should I be offended?).

People naturally want to follow those who have already tried and succeeded. They then have the luxury of avoiding any concern or second-guessing. Because it worked for you, the chances are better that they too will find success!

After they take the assessment, you can start collaborating to invest in the strengths-based development of the entire workplace. The 34 StrengthsFinder Themes will soon become common terminology spoken around the water cooler. You will be able to share talent insights with them, and they will reciprocate. Your own personal strengths journey will shift itself into overdrive after you surround yourself with other strengths aware individuals.

Trying to embrace strengths on your own is like driving eight hours with a broken radio and only one CD that’s scratched beyond repair. You’ll get one or two clear tracks, and then the rest of the songs start to skip. Pretty soon you’ll give up, and drive mindlessly in the self-deflating silence of a lonely car ride.

Don’t live your life listening to a scratched CD. Embrace your talents, and let others fill in the scratches!


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