People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive. Coach the people you lead to improve performance.
This focused assessment reveals the hidden Strengths that every individual possesses. Users are provided with their Top 5 or Signature themes. These five themes reveal what it is that makes you tick!

About Andy Sokolovich

In life, we are instructed to become well-rounded, to focus on our weaknesses rather than concentrating on our strengths.

Why Strengths?

Did you know that you have the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity?

Services & Packages

A personalized Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide for applying strengths in the next week, month, and year.

Our organization was really blessed by the Strengths coaching that Andy provided. He understood our needs and related to us in a very engaging way. The feedback I received from our staff was awesome! The most exciting part of the feedback for me as their manager was to hear how the Strengths coaching helped them to better understand their fellow employees.

- Brian Freise, AgPerspective Inc.

Andy provided this great training opportunity to our supervisors group and it was well received and they have invited him back for more!

- Michelle Waltz, Medical Associates

Andy Sokolovich is a dynamic and wonderfully insightful Strengths Coach! We sought out Andy to provide Strengths training to our high school senior and college age youth leadership program. Andy does a great job of engaging the students with personal examples and finding ways to connect with his audience, regardless of age or life interests.

- Heather Mohler, Leaders Emerging and Developing (LEAD) Co-Coordinator, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Andy has a positive presence and provides a connectedness that makes his audience understand the information he is sharing and how to make it personal to them. We would enthusiastically recommend Andy for any type of Strengths training opportunity and will certainly be inviting him back to offer Strengths training for future meetings.

- Waunita Sullivan, Leaders Emerging and Developing (LEAD) Co-Coordinator, Ashford University

Andy’s knowledge and depth of understanding of strengths was evident and his ability to connect with the audience was amazing! He was able to meet our students where they were at, and literally sat down and had a conversation, exactly what we asked for. Our students were engaged and excited! It was clear that he sparked something in the group he was speaking with. Overall the workshop was a great success!

- Lindsay Adolphs M.S. / Associate Director of Career Services/ Ashford University

A Few Of The Services Offered

Workshop Training

Workshop Training

Workshop sessions are made up of individuals who are not all affiliated with the same company or organization. Most often launched as part of a business retreat or professional development seminar.

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

An overview of the concepts around Strengths based development performed including group exercises, Strength testimonials and a full Q&A session with a GALLUP certified Strengths Coach.

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Strengths Based Development

Strengths Based Development

By building strengths awareness within the entire group, co-workers, mangers, supervisors and their subordinates are able to develop a powerful understanding of what it takes to succeed as a whole.

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